How to play SHAMISEN for beginner

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How to play SHAMISEN for beginner  〜世界一かんたんな三味線教室【English ver】〜


You can learn about the basic shamisen playing with illustrations and movies.

You can enjoy learning how-to shamisen by watching the Youtube “超かんたん三味線“.

On this site,the author himself demonstrates the points that are difficult to understand from the book alone.

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● Basics & Technology
<Posture> Only two points of contact with the body 5
<Posture> Tsugaru has 3 points of contact 6
<String> Let's start with Dosodo 7
<Tuning> Tuning is repeated, repeated 9
<Staff> Number sticker is a must-have item for beginners 10
<Left hand> Thumb, like! Pickpocket slide 11
<Right hand> 12 fluttering like a fan
<Right hand> Can you make a good sound with the claws? 13
<Left hand> Claws are important for both right and left 14
<Scale> Doremi Fasolaside ~ ♬ 15
<Scale> Mood scale that excites the mood 16
<Bachi> Ring finger → thumb → little finger in this order 17
<Bachi> Go home and stay home 18
<Bachi> Going back and forth on the same line 19
<Practice> Actually, you can play anything! 20
<Right hand> Until you hit the center 21
<Right hand> Thick thread hits with a margin 22
<Scale> Thick thread and thin thread have the same sound 23
<Scale> Doremi Fasolaside with three threads 24
<Practice> Super easy playing method 25
<Left hand> Concept of position 26
<Left hand> Position movement = Parent movement 27
<Right hand> Because it is important, 28 again

● Playing style & application
<Playing style> Casually squeeze the thread 31
<Practice> Sukui lessons with famous folk songs 32
<Playing style> Lightly repels the sound 33
<Playing style> Uchi + Hajiki + Sukui + Hajiki = Kamashi 35
<Playing style> Unleash the pushing drumstick, pushing drumstick 37
<Playing style> A little detour, playing chords 41
<Playing style> Easy accompaniment with one finger 43
<Tuning> Tuning according to voice 45
<Strings> There are 3 types, 46

● Knowledge
Nagauta, Jiuta, Hauta ... What is Nani? Genre commentary 29
The liver of the shamisen! About Sawari 36
Knowing the name will deepen your love 38
Can be used right now !? Iron plate material "Can be disassembled" 39
Chinese quince, Beniki and Etosetra 47
Mixed thickness, length and genre 49

● Etude
Glitter star 20
Tulip 20
Happy Birthday Song 25
Soap bubbles 25
Sukiyaki 27
Vivanon Rock-28
Country Road 28
Kokiriko-bushi 32
Sansa-Shigure 34
Konpira Funefune 34
Yosakoi-Bushi 34
Hanagasa-Ondo 34
Gujo-Bushi (Kawasaki) 34
Sakura Sakura 44
Sanpo 44
Paprika 44

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